The Daikin Ductless System

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Daikin® ductless heat pump systems are the ideal heating & cooling solution for installations where adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive. As the name implies, they provide total heating & cooling without requiring the use of ducts or vents in the home. They are powerful, efficient, quiet, and effective.  This alternative option generally includes an indoor air handler(s) and slim line outdoor heat pump / condenser to help the system provide maximum efficiency.

A complete heating & cooling solution

  • The system is powerful, efficient, quiet, and effective
  • Functions without ducts or vents in the home
  • Can be used for one zone or for the entire home
  • Energy Star rated systems
  • Options for allergen filtration
  • Efficiently maintains a consistent temperature
  • Wireless remote for added convenience
  • Whisper quiet operation (as low as 22 decibels)
  • Only requires a 3-inch opening for installation
  • Units are mounted high on the wall to stay out of sight
  • May qualify for a Federal Tax Credit

The Daikin System and Mercurio's Quality Service are the Perfect Pair

The Solution To A Variety Of Needs

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HVAC Systems are complex and require a great deal of care and maintenance. Before each heating season, let our trained technicians inspect your current system. Keeping up with regular maintenance can vastly increase the life of your system.

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Our skilled technicians have the know-how to diagnose, adjust, and repair your system so you're comfortable all year long. Failure to let a trained technician administer these adjustments can breach your warranty or cause injury.

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Let us upgrade your heating and cooling system, Mercurio's has the experience and expertise to help you choose the best solution with a thorough and professional installation.

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We're always there to help. Outside of normal business hours, customers can reach our on-call technicians 24/7  for assistance.


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