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Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Heating System Checked Before Winter

During the last few years, our Tacoma area has experienced frigid winters that were particularly hard on heating systems and furnaces. Although heating and cooling equipment built in the previous 8 to 10 years have become more reliable, it is still a good idea to call for a furnace and heating system check and schedule maintenance on an annual basis.  Here are a few reasons why:


Much like your car, motorcycle, or boat, regular heating maintenance is a necessity.  And having a qualified technician check your heating system to verify everything is operating within the manufacturer’s specifications is just plain smart. This preventative check-up will help in catching any small problems before they become a bigger problem, like coming home to an ice-cold house.


One of the most significant steps of our preseason inspection, is verifying your equipment is operating correctly and that all safety controls are functional. Mercurio’s perform a digital analysis of every gas or electric furnace to confirm it is reliable and running efficiently.


Mercurio’s offers a pre-winter inspection to verify your system is getting the most energy efficiency that it can:

  1. Combustion efficiency

  2. Voltages and amp draws

  3. Refrigerant pressure

  4. Gas pressures

  5. Air system delivery temperatures

Having these five points checked, makes sure your heating system is operating at top efficiency. A heat pump with low refrigerant or a gas furnace that has low gas pressure can cost you more in energy costs. Heating inefficiencies can easily add hours of additional runtime and increase your utility costs.


Proper equipment operation and regular yearly maintenance have been proven over and over to help your furnace and heating equipment last longer. Correct gas pressures, refrigerant levels and the points above will keep your equipment running at top performance. Therefore, your furnace will last years longer.

Warmth and Comfort

When your furnace and (HVAC) heating and cooling system is maintained, your home will be comfortable and warm during our cold winters.

Maintaining correct levels for humidity, temperature, and airflow have a significant impact on how comfortable your home feels. Your furnace system should be able to keep the heat right at the thermostat setting. But, too much airflow and/or low humidity levels will make temperatures either too cold or too warm, and your house will be less comfortable.

Increased Fire Hazard

A furnace that isn’t operating in top condition can result in temperatures that are dangerously high.  When gas pressures are incorrect, burners are dirty, or safety controls are defective, excessive temperatures can damage equipment or cause a house fire.

Carbon Monoxide

Is the tasteless and odorless gas that is produced by a gas or oil furnace that isn’t operating correctly. Mercurio’s inspects gas furnaces to make sure they are not creating carbon monoxide. We let our customers know the efficiency and combustion results of their equipment.

Inside Air Quality

Dirty filters use more energy and produce less heat. This one item will result in more cold homes than any other issue. When a filter is clean, air flows property, and the area is heated well. If humidity levels are correct, the home will feel better and be more evenly warmed. Mercurio’s checks the filters to make sure your indoor air quality is excellent, and your house is comfortable. We stock high quality air filters at Mercurio’s that are available to purchase.

Energy Savings

An inefficient furnace or HVAC system will use more energy and raise your utility costs. Maintaining your heating system will produce cleaner indoor air, keep you more comfortable and save you money.

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