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7 Top HVAC Tips for Winter

When cold weather arrives, you want to make sure you’re ready for it. Here are a few quick things for you to check right away to make sure this winter will be warm and cozy.

Tip #1

This might sound like a no-brainer but please don’t put anything on top of your HVAC unit outside. That includes any gardening tools, leaf bags, or old flower pots. You don’t want to have anything on top of the unit that will interfere with the airflow or that may fall into the unit.

Tip #2

Watch out for the weed eater. If you’re like most homeowners, cleaning up your yard can be a chore. We all want to get through as quick as possible. That includes whacking down weeds. Make sure you protect your HVAC unit against flying debris like rocks, sticks, and clippings. In fact, it’s a good idea to put a piece of cardboard up against your unit for protection if you’re using the weed whacker nearby. The last thing you want to do is damage your coil or wiring.

Tip #3

Be a strategic mower. When it’s time to mow your lawn make sure all the grass clippings are being directed away from the unit. If clippings get flung up against the coils – the efficiency of your unit will go down, and damage could occur. The same thing goes for using any type of blowers – you don’t want to direct the air towards the HVAC unit.

Tip #4

Keep the coils clean. It’s a smart idea to check your coils every few months just to make sure they’re pretty clean. If they build up dirt, it can make your unit run less efficiently. A simple DIY solution is to turn your unit off and spray on an approved coil cleaner solution. Follow directions – spray on – hose off. If you’d rather have an HVAC contractor do this maintenance for you, contact Mercurio’s.

Tip #5

Change your filters. Every month like clockwork you should change the filters for your furnace, heat pump, or central air. This simple habit can save you loads of money on energy. Plus, your equipment will last longer, and your home will smell cleaner. If you’re not sure how to do this, just ask us. We’ll be glad to show you how.

Tip #6

Pick a temperature and keep it there. We tell our customers to set their thermostat at a comfortable setting and then don’t keep changing it. If you’re raising and lowering it continually, your utility costs can be higher. Sometimes it’s a simple as taking off a heavy sweater or adding an extra blanket to the bed.

Tip #7

Set your ceiling fans for winter. Even though you might think fans will cool your house; if set correctly, fans can help you use heat more efficiently. For the winter, have your fans running clockwise at the lowest speed. This pulls the colder air upwards and pushes the warm air down.

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