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Six Big Advantages of a Licensed HVAC Contractor

The process of hiring an HVAC contractor becomes more straightforward when you go by one simple rule. Always make sure they’re licensed. Here are the top six reasons why you should always make sure your contractor is licensed, and your family is safe.

#1 – Structure Safety

Experienced licensed HVAC contractors know and follow building codes that exist to protect you and your family from potentially harmful problems. The standards that guide heating and cooling system installation and repair help to ensure contractors do effective and safe work. Frequently, unlicensed contractors do not follow building codes, and that can put you and your family at risk.

#2 – Insured for your Protection

Licensed contractors are required to have insurance. That protects you and your home against unforeseen damage or if a technician is injured on the job. Without insurance, you as the homeowner are liable. And, if you are required to cover damage done by an unlicensed contractor, your homeowner’s insurance might not cover it and, your rates could increase.

#3 – Warranty for Work and Equipment

Low-cost unlicensed contractors don’t back up their work with a warranty. When you hire a licensed HVAC company, your system is covered by a warranty. So, if it breaks down, you know who you can call for help.

#4 – Equipment Knowledge

Top manufacturers such as American Standard and Daikin are highly selective about who they let sell their equipment. Only the top HVAC contractors are hand-picked to become dealers. All top manufacturers select companies that have a proven commitment to excellence, extensive product knowledge, customer service, and the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

#5 – Equipment Training

When your heating and cooling system needs repair, a licensed HVAC contractor will only use factory approved parts and equipment approved explicitly for your system. That means their work will not void your warranty. Trusting your HVAC system to an unlicensed contractor is not wise because it can void your warranty.

#6 – Cost Savings

When heating and cooling services are not done correctly, cool and warm air is wasted on the way to the vents. The HVAC unit will be inefficient and cost you more in utility costs. And, if any electrical components are installed incorrectly, there can be significant damage and your system could fail.

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