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Top 6 HVAC Tips for Comfortable Summer Weather

Summer is upon us and it is the best time to spend with family and friends. So, we came up with our top tips on how to make your home more cool and comfortable.

Make Sure to Keep Your Air Filters Clean

For cleaner air and a more efficient cooling replace your air filters at least every three months. Clean filters make your entire system more efficient. Dirty filters can disrupt the airflow and even lead to health concerns. At Mercurio’s Heating & Air Conditioning we have filters in stock or we can order any size filters you need. We charge the same price as the big box stores and they are better quality.

Protect Your Air Conditioner from Debris & Direct Sun


Make sure there are no hanging tree branches or bushes too close to your A/C unit. You don’t want leaves and debris falling into the unit and damaging it. Additionally, if your air conditioner is in the direct sun, you might consider building a small awning over it, make sure you have a minimum of 5 feet of vertical clearance from the top of the unit to any overhang or awning. The shade will help the unit run more efficiently. If the unit is on the shady side of your house, it will stay cool enough.

Check Your Inside & Outside Vents

Another easy home maintenance tip is to check the interior and exterior vents periodically. Dirt and cobwebs can accumulate on outside vents, and you don’t want that to come into your clean home. Inside vents can be closed and forgotten. So, do a fast check every few months or so to keep air flowing freely.

Use Fans Liberally


Since heat rises, ceiling fans and standing fans do a great job of cooling your home. The circulation of air also keeps the temperature even.  During the hottest months, using fans is a cost-effective way to lower your energy costs. When it’s warm, the fan needs to be set to blow the air down. Make sure the blades are running counterclockwise as you look up at them. The hotter it is, the higher you should set the fan to blow. 

Save Money with a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know you could lower your bills with a little thermostat? That’s right. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature higher or lower when you are away from home. Then, program your desired temperature for right before you arrive home. There’s no need to heat or cool rooms as much if you’re away at work. At Mercurio’s, we carry many types of thermostats and we can help you program your new thermostat for your particular schedule.

Replace Your Old A/C with a Heat Pump

If your air conditioner is old and on its last legs, investing in a heat pump could be the way to go. A heat pump is perfect for our Pacific Northwest residents who want comfort year around. In fact, many of our customers cool their homes nearly six months of the year. That’s why affordable heat pumps are so popular.

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